Support for Chromebook

I got a chromebook, and would love to have ms office available on it. Any plans on making cloud on available on that platform?

George Commented

All info on web says web version of CloudOn available for Chrome. Everytime I try to edit a document or create a new one the tool it says editing supported only in certain browsers. I am using the most current Chrome, on Chromebook. Booted Linux on it using Chromium, and got same message. Why is it not working?

Martin Dubois Commented

Same here, can now open the docs but can't edit them. I get a popup that say's that you can only edit files in supported browsers...

Gray Fumerton Commented

I have been using CloudOn for quite some time both on my iPad and Samsung tablet. Today when trying to log in I received a message that CloudOn only supports Chrome or Safari for Macs. These are the browser that I have on my devices but I can not longer login. Please help or provide a suggestion.

David Hochheiser Commented

Chrome books and CloudOn are a perfect match of what's next in our tech world. Feel left out having it on Chrome but not Chromebooks. Please?!?!

Arnold Commented

I bought my chromebook assuming it would link to Cloudon since Cloudon works on all other chrome operating systems. Not being able to connect to Cloudon from my chromebook is very disappointing, almost to the point of considering it a mistake. I vote to hav

John Getchell Commented

Chrome books are gaining popularity in the K-12 education space as inexpensive tools to broaden access to internet resources. Cloudon would be the perfect solution to round out the capability that is available for Android and IOS devices.