Keep the document open when multitasking

When I want to gather some information fron the Internet and submit it back here, the app has to load up the document which takes up precious time. The idea is to keep the document open when multitasking and allow the user to continue typing instantly when the user returns to this application.

Thomas Commented

I agree. It would be great if it worked like Quickoffice. Quickoffice is still open when going back to the app. Also you can work offline and it would be good if it worked in CloudOn.

Doug Commented

Agree. Any feedback on staying open and working with the multi task feature would be appreciated. I'm trying to open a spreadsheet for backup information before approving invoices through safari.

Marko Commented

Good idea, it would be great if the program could stay awake up to 5 minutes before going offline again. It is really annoying to multitask. For one second i go to Safari to get information. When I want to write it down or paste text the document is already back incloud and need to download again.

Mire Commented

It is even make harder to reload on a slow connection