How has CloudOn Updated the Ribbon in Microsoft Excel?

CloudOn has updated the format of the ribbon in Microsoft Excel for improved tap access to favorite features.  While the File menu is still purposely disabled (as any edits made in CloudOn are autosaved, removing the need to take an explicit “save” action), users have access to the “Home”, “Alignment”, “Styles & Cells”, “Insert”, “Page Layout”, “Formulas”, “Data”, “Review”, and “View” tabs within the file. 

The ribbon formatting on the “Home” tab offers access to features such as “Cut, Copy, and Paste”, and other formatting features such as Font Style, Size, and Color, etc.  The options for formatting these settings have been laid out in a simpler and more tap friendly fashion. CloudOn has also added a new feature called “annotations” that allows users to add graphics and notes on a file they are reviewing.

The “Alignment” tab offers cell data placement settings as expected.  “Styles & Cells” offers features like “borders” setting options and “sort & filter”. 

The “Insert” tab is where users can find the option to add/edit a header and footer for the file, create or edit equations, enter symbols, work with pivot tables, and more. “Page Layout” is where a user will have the opportunity to choose Themes, choose “Page Setup” options, etc. 

The “Formulas” tab is where users can work more with functions and formulas in Excel, using the Function Library if desired.  The “Data” tab allows users to sort and use filters to better analyze your data. 

 The "Review" tab enables users to check spelling in a file as well as to use the "thesaurus" feature.  The "annotations" feature, which allows users to add graphics and notes on a file they are reviewing is also available from this tab.