How Do You Use The Annotations Feature In CloudOn?

Users can now add graphics and notes on a file they are reviewing by tapping the “Annotate” button on either the “Home” or “Review” tab of the Microsoft Office applications in the WorkSpace.

To apply an annotation to a file, choose a shape (rectangle or elipse) and simply draw the shape around the desired location in the file.  To add a text comment along with the shape, ensure “with text comment” toggle is On. Annotations can be saved with or without a comment.

 To save the annotation, tap “save” in the upper right corner.  To cancel before saving, tap “cancel”.  To delete the annotation at any time, tap “delete”.

While in the “Review” tab, you will see the “Show Annotations” button.  The highlighted button indicates that all annotations are shown. To turn off, simply tap the, ‘Show Annotations’ button and all the annotations will be hidden.