Why Is My Device Not Supported?

CloudOn currently supports the following devices:

• iPad (all models)

• iPod touch (3rd -5th gen)

• iPhone (3rd -5th gen)

• Google Nexus 4

• HTC One

• Samsung S4

• Samsung Galaxy S III

• Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G (LTE)

• Samsung Galaxy Nexus

• Samsung Galaxy Note

• Samsung Galaxy Note II

• Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

• Google Nexus 7

• Android tablets that are 8" or larger with Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich 3.1 or higher which are also supported by the Google Play Store 

 Google Play Store devices are listed here:


CloudOn is committed to quality and in pursuit of this we believe that every device we make the application available on should be thoroughly tested. We currently do this by testing via in-house and crowdsource testing teams. This means that we sometimes take longer to release our product on devices due to our attention to detail. 

We're here for you and want you to participate as we build out our product so we encourage you to vote for your favorite device if an idea already exists http://support.cloudon.com/ or by submitting a new idea via our Community Ideas page at: http://support.cloudon.com/idea/add/