How to Send a File via Email

To select a file to send, you can either tap and hold on the file name to bring up  the edit menu* and select “Email File." Or, tap the file and then tap "Email" in the navigation bar and select from the "Email File" or "Email Link" options.

Once you've selected your preferred option, an email dialog box will appear. In the ‘to’ field add contacts by typing them in manually or selecting the ‘plus’ to add contacts from your device's email contact list (note: you can add a max of 5 contacts per sent file). 

You can also choose the "cc me" box and a copy of this email will be sent to the same email address used to for CloudOn.

Then, confirm the file you are about to send and add a comment if you wish. Tap "send" and your file will be sent momentarily. 

*Note: Please ensure that you are not located in the "Recent Files" area when you attempt to access the edit menu.