What's New in CloudOn for iPad & Android?

CloudOn for iPad & Android allows users the following new functionality:

1. Worldwide Availability

2. Updated Ribbon in Microsoft Office for improved tap access to your favorite features

3. Annotations - which allows users to add graphics and notes on a file they are reviewing (iPad Only)

4. FileSpace - which automatically catalogs many of the actions taken within the workspace (like creating, editing, moving and editing files along with adding annotations to a file,etc). Additionally, you can also add specific notes on this FileSpace to remind you of actions, deadlines, or anything else you need to remember about an individual file. (iPad Only)

5. Autosave Conflict Notification - CloudOn now alerts you when you are attempting to save work at the same time as another user editing the same file. 

6. Ability to Remove Files from "Recent Files" List - CloudOn now allows the ability to for users to remove files from the "Recent Files" list with a swiping action.

7. Localized (On Board) Keyboard Support: CloudOn now provides localized language support for the on board keyboard.