Why Do My Google Docs Files Have # Extensions When I Edit In the Workspace?

CloudOn offers access to Microsoft Office on your mobile device and although we are able to open Google Doc files we do create a copy and convert them to MS Office files.

CloudOn allows you to store your MS Office files in Google Drive and edit them with MS Office applications.

If you would like to convert the MS Office file CloudOn creates back to a Google Doc format you can do so by selecting the file in your Drive folder (checking the box to the left of the file), and under the 'More' drop down menu that appears at the top of the screen, select "Open with -> Google Docs". This will convert the file back to a Google Doc format which you can then edit on your PC. You can also access the "Open with -> Google Docs" menu item by right clicking on the file in Google Drive.

Please be aware that this method creates a copy of the file each time it is converted, so you will need to manage the copies in order to ensure you are editing the most recent version of the file.